Bodhisattvas ~
A Bodhisattva is a being whose path is the attainment of enlightenment, not only for oneself, but for all living creatures. When a Bodhisattva reaches the seventh stage of spiritual development, one becomes transcendent or Mahasattva. Although the Bodhisattva has then achieved deliverance from the cycle of rebirth, compassion compels the Mahasattva to voluntarily stay in the existing world in order to pursue the redemption of all beings, destroying the burden of karma for others.

Green Tara

According to legend, Avalokitesvara, on his way to nirvana turned and shed a tear for the great suffering of sentient beings. It is said that this tear of compassion created Tara, the mother of compassion and the protector against all dangers.

Tara, whose name means 'star', or 'she who ferries across', represents the maternal aspect of compassion. She particularly represents compassion in action, symbolized by her extended right leg, alert and ready to respond to calls for help. Her hands are in the gesture of granting protection and freedom from fears. In addition to overcoming fear and anxiety, the practice of Green Tara helps eliminate suffering of all kinds, brings happiness and grants wishes.


Hand made in Nepal. 24-carat Gold and Sterling Silver plated. Made out of brass & copper. Shown 8". Also available in 6, 12 & 24". Please contact us for pricing and availability

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