Bodhisattvas ~
A Bodhisattva is a being whose path is the attainment of enlightenment, not only for oneself, but for all living creatures. When a Bodhisattva reaches the seventh stage of spiritual development, one becomes transcendent or Mahasattva. Although the Bodhisattva has then achieved deliverance from the cycle of rebirth, compassion compels the Mahasattva to voluntarily stay in the existing world in order to pursue the redemption of all beings, destroying the burden of karma for others.

Amitabha Buddha

Amitabha Buddha is known as the ‘Buddha of Infinite Light’.  He is of the western world, is the most historical among the Dhyani Buddha, is the most venerated and is the incarnation of the wisdom of discernment.  His name means ‘Boundless Light’, he belongs to the Padma (lotus) family, his element is fire, his color is red, which signifies his ability to turn the emotion of lust into all-seeing wisdom. Around the Buddha's neck is an Akshamala or rosary, symbol of the never-ending cycle and mantra recitation.


Hand made in Nepal. 24-carat Gold and Sterling Silver plated. Made out of brass & copper. Shown 8". Also available in 6, 12 & 24". Please contact us for pricing and availability

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