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Julo & Co

Creating exclusive, hand-made jewelry crafted by artisans in developing countries for people who believe in beauty, the power of nature and making a difference in the world.

Julo & Co donates 5% of proceeds to Rotary International to help eradicate polio world wide!

Starry Nights
I am connected to the eternal
rhythms of the universe. Secured by
infinite time and space, I know my
existence, right here and right now,
is not accidetnal. When I sit quietly
in stillness, my heart dances with
the knowledge that I belong.
Here and now. This is my home.

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Waters EdgeWater's Edge
I take comfort in knowing that life
everywhere is brimming with
abundance, adventure and infinite possibilities. I breathe deeply, welcoming the sweet silkyair into my lungs as a gift of life. Here I am, powerful and wild. This is my home.
I am right where I belong.

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Bird's NestBird's Nest
My heart is my home. The world is complete because I am in it, and its
song is more beautiful because I contribute my voice. No matter the earth beneath my feet, I am home.

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In Harmony
In Harmony

"Life's magic is a lot like a swift
flowing river. No matter how long you've overlooked it or unwittingly swam against it, the instant you stop struggling you're back in the flow, hat down low, coolest cat on the block."
-Messages from the Universe

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My heart is free and spacious and I
love without end. Just when I think
I have nothing left within, I tune in and hear my heart steadily beating out reminders of how much I have loved,
how much more love I have to give,
and how much I am deeply
and wholly loved!

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Once in a great while something so unimaginably beautiful comes along
that it changes the course of history forever. I am such a force of nature.
It is my unending joy to discover
that I have come armed with
beauty talent and love of the likes
that none has come before and
none will ever come again!

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  Three MoonsThree Moons
I dance with life. I love my untested potential, and breathe life into my unpolished gifts. I am unexpected, uncharted, beautiful, natural and totally wild. As time passes, and the gifts
of the universe come pouring
into my life, I know that the happiest
I have ever been pales in comparison
to the happiness that is
coming to me now!

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